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Huawei 635 Router

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My Huawei 635 router is over 6 years old, although it still works ok. However, it does not appear to support AES wireless security which I assume a newer router would? How do I go about getting a free router upgrade?

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My mistake - contrary to my original post, the router does support AES encryption. However, there is no escaping the fact that it is 6 years old!!

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Is it still in good working order? If so I wouldn't hasten to change it, it is one of the finest routers TalkTalk have produced. TalkTalk don't usually replace routers unless they are known to be faulty.


Having said that if you wish to upgrade, or negotiate a new contract then it is worth asking the customer loyalty team for a new router as part of any deal. 


But when the support team pick up on this I will probably be proved wrong, so wait and see what they say!

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi lpowelllap,


I'm sorry for the delay. Just to confirm, are you experiencing any issues with the connection? If the connection is ok, however you would like a more current router then it would be worth contacting our Loyalty Team directly to see if they can offer a new router as part of a renewal.