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Hub - Device Friendly Names

First Timer


Every time I save a friendly name in my devices it loses them soon after. It used to be that some saved and some didn't and I never knew why. I had to do a factory reset today and now none save at all. It's something I'm used to having as I have quite a few IoT devices and random names mean nothing to me. I see from searching for a solution that this is a known issue and has been for many months now. Why is it not fixed after all this time when it's been known for such a long time? It's very annoying!

Wizz Kid

Well you could use some free software like Advanced IP Scanner its good and I use it.

Advanced IP Scanner displays the status, name, IP address, manufacturer, and Mac address of each discovered device. You can enter IP address ranges manually or scan addresses from a file. The software also allows you to connect to discovered devices using protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and RDP.


You can also give names to all your devices and save them so they always show up as the name you gave them



First Timer

I have never heard of that before but I'll look for it after I post this and see if it's any use for what I'm doing.


The fact remains I want my router to work properly though. If they can't fix basic interface issues in a timely manner, it makes me wonder what security risks are going on behind the scenes that aren't being fixed either when they are known. It's not good enough and bugs need to be fixed in a reasonable amount of time. This hub has been out for a long time now and this issue should have been fixed ages ago.


When will this be fixed?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Frownbake,


This issue is planned to be resolved in the next firmware update, apologies for any inconvenience