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I want to join talk talk

First Timer

I want to join talk talk as I am new to broadband, I want to know if talk talk and refund the £25 back to me. If I go with them and a possibly a better activation date. 

Community Star

Hi @James240 ,


Activation dates are pretty much driven by OpenReach, as they will have to send an engineer out to the street cabinet that your phone line is connected to in order to move you over to whatever new ISP you go with. So generally TalkTalk will just be given a date by Openreach, and that is the date you will be told you will 'go live', those dates can't usually be brought forward as it is all based on Openreach engineer availability and is out of TalkTalk's control.


I don't understand your question about the £25, but if you can clarify what you mean someone may be able to help answer that.

First Timer

The £25 is is for the credit check part of things. I was wondering if that could get refunded back to me. Once I’ve paid for it. I wasn’t sure how to translate it in text I hope you know what I mean.

Community Star

I understand what you mean, but I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that one !!.


The staff here may be able to answer that for you (or one of the other members of the community may be able to advise).


Staff won't be back until Monday, but may be able to offer some help early next week.

First Timer

See I was thinking about doing it tonight/ tomorrow or Monday I don’t mind paying that sort of 😏 But I was just wanting to know if I could get that back.  But thanks for your help with the other question hopefully somebody else here knows the answer.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @James240


Thanks for your post. 


Once the check passes This payment will be credited to your TalkTalk account and will be used against your first bill.