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IP / MAC Filters on new TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub

First Timer

I have just replaced my TalkTalk DSL-3870 with the new TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub (I cannot find a make/model on the thing, but it is manufactured by Sagecom and has a Device Version of FAST 5364-3.T8).


Where has the filter functionality gone?


I used filter on the old TalkTalk router to limit my children's access to the internet - i.e. enforce homework and bed times. I could set times during which specific MAC address could / couldn't access the internet. This was great. But the new router appears to have no such function.


If this functionality exists, please can somebody tell me how to access it. If not - and I cannot be the first parent to ask this - please can TalkTalk put this function back. I understand it may be a D-LINK thing and not a Sagecom thing, but it provided an excellent solution to setting limits on children's access to the internet.


Please don't point me at the SuperSafe boost - it does not provide what I am looking for (and costs money, whereas the old router had it built in).



Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Appo11yon,


Have you checked out our HomeSafe product? It may offer the features that you require



First Timer

Following on from the original post and Chris' response, the Home Safe product does not offer the functionality that the original poster was looking for. The HS service (as far as I have been able to find out) places the restriction(s) at the network level, impacting ALL devices on the wireless network, regardless whether the user is an adult, child, bill payer, trying to use sites for education purposes (youtube is useful in this regard but un-filterable for children's content so has to be blocked under the existing HS parameters).

The alternative seems to be using a VPN but that leaves the user at the mercy of the proxy rather than under TalkTalk's network safeguards and I'm guessing liability for any issues in such as scenario would be on the user rather that TT themselves when the user was simply trying to be allowed to access the internet on their own terms without impacting the safety of any younger users.

Can a suitable router be swapped FoC in this situation? If not, I would like to suggest that it is an option to be considered.

Community Team - TT Staff



The current routers provided by TalkTalk do not have the option to limit connected devices by a schedule but this is something we have fed back to the devices teams for consideration.





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