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IP address geographical location shows 100's of miles away from true location

Team Player

I wonder if anyone can help please?

Firstly ,bear with me as I am asking this on behalf of my son - I don't know anything about the subject I am writing about!

Anyway, my son is a keen gamer and connects to the Internet using his Xbox One. He has said that recently the ping is very high when playing games and he has noticed (as well as myself when I've run IP address checks) that our location shows up as Cardiff in Wales. We are based near Brighton, East Sussex, so Cardiff is hundreds of miles away...

My son thinks this could be the reason that the ping is high and is affecting game play. He says other Talk Talk users who live nearby have their IP address showing as "Brighton". So, why do we have one in Wales?


I've spoken to Talk Talk live chat who were about as helpful as a chocolate teapot. They did not grasp what I was trying to say.

My son has tried powering down the router overnight to see if this changes the location, but it hasn't. He is frequently turning on and off the router - but to no avail (does this affect anything speed wise with him doing this?)

Does anyone have any ideas how we can get a more local IP address to show up?


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Have you tried to reset router by pressing reset button through small hole with a pin or very small object hold in for 10 seconds this may help worth a try

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi PaulMC1


Geolocation via IP address is very hit and miss, but will not affect the overall connection or speed.  Like most ISP's, we use dynamic IP addresses, so these will change.  An IP address you have today, could be assigned to another connection over in the next county the next day etc.  So getting an exact location from the IP address itself is unreliable. 





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