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A different router is on the way to see if this gives better wifi coverage.





First Timer

Hi, thanks for tthe information, I am using the said router you hav talked about and you reckon that this needs an firmware update.. 

Community Team

Hi spike6511,


Please can you create your own thread and we can look into this further for you.




Magno Sousa
First Timer

hey steve im a talktalk user myself hes the best advice you can get from someone who knows tecknology instead of amateurs. the reason you cant connect wifi without disconnecting is because talktalk do not support IPv6 at all. even if sent another one of their routers its just gonna end up being the same result the best option for you bud is to just buy your own router thats IPv6 compatible after that you will be fine i had the same result before and changed the router now i dont have a poblem at all with the wifi at home anymore. This is the router I bought and IPv6 ready

First Timer

I've bought a new router which supports IPV6 as recommended but can't connect the internet cable into the back of it! The connection coming from the BT box on the wall is a smaller size than the ethernet size socket in the back of the router. I think the smaller plug size is RJ11 going into a RJ45 socket (this doesn't affect my existing TalkTalk router which takes this smaller plug size). I bought an adaptor which has the smaller plug end and a socket I can put an ethernet cable into to allow me to put the other end of the ethernet cable into my router - but it won't acknowledge the connection. Help!

Wise Owl

You've bought an incorrect device.  The smaller plug is for DSL connection and requires a VDSL modem router (or home gateway). What you appear to have purchased is a cable router (or just router).  That is not capable of connsectin to the BT socket at all.  My suggestion would be to get a refund and purchase a home gateway (or stick with the Talktalk router). At the moment, it's pointless buying an ipv6 capable router as Talk talk are still ipv4 and are not showing us any indication as to when they might provide an ipv6 service...