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In the news free broadband

Enlightened One

I know this is not the right place for this topic but you haven’t got a broadband area in the lounge.


and I know this is quite political but I am a bit concerned about a great company like TalkTalk


Labour has announced this evening part nationalisation of BT to bring free fibre broadband to every household in the country.

I’ve always fought open reach should be nationalised. similar to network rail.

However you should have choice in your broadband provider. for example Talk Talk doesn’t only  provide broadband they also  provide  IPTV Does labour really know how Broadband companies bring services to the home? It shouldn’t only be down to cost, it should be down to what the consumer wants. 


At the moment Talk Talk is bringing what I want at a fabulous cost to the home. 
where else can you get G fast technology at £28 wow 

not forgetting with TV boost channel prices cheaper then sky in some cases..




I'm no expert, i'm just a guy!