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Incorrect home address listed by Openreach ORDI request needed

First Timer

Hi TalkTalk team,


Openreach seem to have a spelling error in their listing of my address. Meaning that when I look up quotes for fibre broadband service providers they say they cannot provide fibre broadband to my house, even though fibre is available in my area. 


I've contacted Openreach using their online chat system and they have said this needs to be raised through my current service provider which is TalkTalk. 


Hope someone can help me out. My wife works from home so it is important for me to get the internet sorted as quickly and easily as possible


Many thanks



Community Team

Hi @dave41


Can you check the Phone number in your profile, Its not bringing up any account, Also can you add the full postal address to the Private notes section of your community profile.  



First Timer
Sorry, for some reason I had put my old number. Updated now and added my address. Thank you very much
Community Team

Thanks,  I will send off the request, Usually take about 10 days to complete. 

First Timer
Thank you very much and
Community Team

Hi dave41


The ordi request has come back as completed.