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Internet Drops - The WAN DHCP client process has successfully been terminated on Vlan 36




I'm currently experiencing again this issue with broadband connection drops (with Orange flashing light on the router). Those drops specifically happen when I get that error message in the logs of the Wifi hub:


The WAN DHCP client process has successfully been terminated on Vlan 36


Annotation 2019-09-27 080115.png

I posted the same issue about 1 month ago and it was resolved for about 3 weeks before starting to happen again. Previous Post


Since then I have contacted Talk Talk on webchat and the phone to the point where they sent an openreach engineer on Saturday 21/09. He did a full line test and reset and could find no faults. The error even happened when the openreach engineer was present but it's not something he had seen before, as it points more towards a network or software issue rather than the phone line.


Please can 1 of the OCE's look into this?


Are there any other options / solutions that might stop this from recurring???


Currently the router is plugged directly into the test socket of the master socket with just a filter.



Community Team - TT Staff

Hi krogarth1,


Line test is showing a potential issue. Are you experiencing any problems with your telephone service, any noise on the line?


Is your router currently connected to your test socket (if you have one)?



Hi @OCE_Chris 


We don't use the home phone for anything other than testing the line and I have a dialing tone fine.


As I mentioned we had a Openreach engineer here only on Saturday and he said the line tested fine from within the house in the same master socket, so I'm surprised it shows a fault already. He even reset the line to bring the speed back-up to 80mbps as it was down around 50.


Yes I've taken the faceplate of the master socket and the router is connected directly to the test socket (with just a microfilter attached).


Would there be a specific process either on your servers or the router itself that would cause the connection to be essentially terminated like this? The same error message has happened 10 times today so far in the logs.



Community Team - TT Staff

Hi krogarth1,


I can see a few disconnections on the 27th but seems to have been more stable since, have you noticed an improvement since your last post?