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Internet stops working between Midnight and 1am

First Timer

Please read this topic:


That post highlights the idential issue that I am having with our internet - occuring once a week on a Sunday. The internet loses all connectivity for 1 hour (exactly between midnight and 1am) depsite clearly stating the internet is working on the router page and the light being on - on the router.


I have tried the following - so do not ask me to do it again:

  • Doing a Service Status Health Check - which comes back fine w/ no issues
  • Trying a different device because I have - Alexa goes offline, Xbox doesn't connect, two mobile phones cannot connect, two laptops cannot connect (both on wi-fi and ethernet), a desktop pc cannot connect and my tablet cannot connect.
  • Using a different router - not successful
  • I cannot and will not test the phone line as we don't have a phone
  • Changing DNS channel to something public like Google - not successful
  • I have nothing uploading/backing up at this time causing "upload flooding" as a previous OCE commented on (which by the way is not a thing for home internet and is something which affects hosts during DDOS'ing attacks)
  • Resetting the router - unsuccessful
  • Leaving the router off for 30 minutes - unsuccessful


Please don't go through all the garbage script - I know enough about my home internet and computer systems to recognise that the fault is server side rather than user side


Pass it on to the network team and fix "configuration fault" - I don't have the time or the mental will to reply to idiots on a forum every day waiting for some innane response.

Community Team

Hi James931,


I'm sorry for the delay. Do you have HomeSafe active on your line? If you do then could you try switching this off in MyAccount and then activating this again as this should resolve this issue.




First Timer

It's never been active - I deactivated it when the problem started happening about 6 weeks back.

First Timer

Anything else or can we hurry this up and move it on to the network team?

Community Team

Hi James931, if you have Homesafe turned off, then you need to turn it on and then off. That will fix this issue as it relates to Homesafe.

Community Star

Hi James why not try the suggestion from OCE_ady he gets paid to be right.

Regards Divsec, I don't work here, know little, and have too many opinions.
First Timer

Do I need to turn it on and off every time I have the issue or can I do it now and not have to bother again?

Community Team

Once you've done it the one time, you shouldn't have the problem again.