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Intimitent internet

Team Player


Ive had previous problems with my internet, few months ago my internet was dropping out all the time, openreach got sent out and said there was a fault on the line that had been repaired.

Since then i had low speeds and had to keep rebooting the router to get a decent speed, i got sent out a new router which revolved the speed drops this was about a month ago and now the internet has started to intimitently drop out and its started happening more regularly.

I ran a online test which says there a fault.

Your customer service over the phone are useless and thought i might have better luck on here.


Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Karl,


Sorry to hear you're experiencing problems again. Line test is passing but does show some reconnections


How many telephone sockets do you have? What other devices do you have connected in addition to your router?


Does your master socket have a Test Socket? Is your router currently connected to your test socket if you have one?


Are you experiencing any problems with your telephone service such as noise on the line?



Team Player

One telephone socket.


Nothing, i only have the router plugged in.


Yes it has a test socket but this was only replaced a few months ago when open reach came out.


No it is currently plugged into the master socket.


I have tested the line with a spare phone, there was nothing obvious i could hear.



Community Team - TT Staff

Thanks for the information. I've passed this over to our network team for further investigation. Can you bump the thread tomorrow and we'll check for updates