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Is TalkTalk Really Actually Bad?

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...pleased to see you don't let the scammers put the wind up you!


Yes, your almost namesake did promise to come back and let us know about ipv6...but then he got promoted to be CEO of the new company planning to bring full-fibre to 3 million customers as TalkTalk builds upon its York City experience of full-fibre builds. 


The network's Edge routers are being upgraded and services migrated to the new access topology.  Getting closer all the time.

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To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer


TT are horrendous - don’t even go there. We have not had a working broadband service for months despite numerous calls and chat, which incidentally are based in Manila and appear to be totally clueless. Their grasp of the English language is questionable. Their ‘tech’ department advised that my broadband wasn’t working because I wasn’t using the test socket!! Obviously it made absolutely no difference. Call backs and engineer visits never materialised despite continuous assurances. We have now lost the will to live and I’ve tried to cancel the contract only to be advised it would incur a substantial charge despite the fact that we have never had a service fit for purpose.  I have now advised my bank to cancel the DDs and not to pay any more monies. I am returning to Sky who provided an excellent service for an additional £5 per month. Don’t even think about joining TT it’s just not worth the stress and anxiety.

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In my post in this thread of 22/09 I made an incorrect comment that Talktalk was blocking incoming network traffic from abroad. This was based on incorrect information supplied by Talktalk support themselves when they attempted to assist me with that issue.

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Still waiting for a solution and, incidentally, stayed in all of Wednesday morning for an engineer that didn't turn up. Ascertained that it was never booked despite three separate confirmations from Chat to the contrary. I have now been promised on six separate occasions that I will receive a phone call, however, I'm still waiting. Have lost the will to live and have now cancelled my direct debit with TT and will return to Sky. I will eagerly await a cancellation charge from Talk Talk for a service I have never received. I will also provide an invoice for my time which includes a day's leave from my employment awaiting an engineer visit. Appears that this is a common occurence having checked the forum, engineers are promised, never turn up and were never booked.

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you need to ring up, and keep asking for managers, to explain to their call centre hat the issues are, getting calls logged so that you have an evidence trail of irrefutable evidence. may as well contact the loyalty team now to tell them you are going, but also set out issues, and why you believe you are at deadlock with them, perhaps alsorecord the call, so you have a factual record, and can verify that you have told them, and given them the opportunity and right of reply. set out your points clearly, summarise and tell them what you are going to do, that they agree it's best for all parties to move on, and that charges automatically generated all be sat on, agreed prior etc. that way when it's set out at the small claims court, it's not a surprise to their appointed representatives. 

it'd be really inconvenient for them to answer any queries, and hard for them to give you a straight answer, but would really be worth reading " what did you do to try and resolve the issue, and what are the underlying issues that affect so many people that you don't seem to be able to fix?" 


but at least you have the record that you'd set out what was to happen and they were going to release you from contractual charges they'd thought were payable. (very kind), and on wards and upwards for all.


simples, let us know how you get on. 






Thanks Stuart
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Hi @Amandab


I just wonder why you didn't just start attempting to get your problem fixed on here. rather than one of the other channels? Why then also try taunting TT on here as breach a contract is just that !!.


You've just cancelled your DD, therefore broken your contract so expect A LOT OF PROBLEMS as you haven't used the complaimts procedure !!

If this has helped and solved your problem, please mark it as Best Answer so that OCE's or others do not spend time looking for alternatives.
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sadly, feedback I received previously was the community wasn't a helpdesk case in the eyes of talktalk loyalty department, so they don't consider them valid when it comes to the leaving step, I'm happy to see a policy that says different, but that's what was informed when moved a line elsewhere. 


the idea of an online helpdesk case system would perhaps provide visibility and make it easier to address common issues and do root cause analysis, but don't know how the stats work. would like to know how the metrics are aligned and incetivise fixing underlying issues... 

Thanks Stuart
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If you want to get your issue resolved via this forum, you should start your own new topic explaining your issues, and also make sure that your community profile includes your phone number and all the other contact details etc.

A Talktalk agent will respond here if you follow the above. In general they seem to respond more quickly and effectively here, than if you call or use online chat.

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YES it's worse than bad - I am only getting 5mb at best and have reported the matter to talktalk . BT broadband Openreach has tested the line and found that it is capable of 17-19 gb but all indications are that talktalk has a 6mb cap on my line. Openreach has reported the problem to talktalk but they are unable to reset their equipment. I have to deal with talktalk fault managers in the Philipines which means every call take 30 - 60 mins  at one time it took 1hr 45mins. Needles to say aafter more tha 2 weeks of calling the fault is still there, what on earth do I need to do to get this resolved, I have no more hair left to pull out. So yes talktalk is worse than bad, would never recommend it and will be cancelling my contract if this goes on for more than 28 days.

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if you have a poor connection you will say that talktalk are rubbish. if you have a good connection you will say talktalk are very good. what you should realise is that the same fault will be present whoever sends you the bill. yes local unbundling means that companies can put some of there own equipment in exchanges but this will not cure a faulty line.

customer service will differ and i admit talktalk asian outsourcing it less than perfect but these people on this forum are as good as you will ever get.



after several pints of cider and a good sunday lunch

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@skiidoo If you start your own topic then the online support teame here on the community will gladly look into this for you.

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Note that if you want Talktalk to reply on this forum, you have to ensure that your details including phone number are in your forum profile. Only TT can see your email and phone.


You also need to start your own thread in a new topic, with your own specific problem. They won't respond if you reply to someone else's posts.


When they do reply, they are usually very helpful (and speak good english), respond within 24 hours, but only on weekdays.

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" Is TalkTalk Really Actually Bad?":- No worse than other mass market ISPs in most respects. This Forum makes it better than most.  The OpenReach managed infrastructure is the biggest cause of issues for me and the inability to communicate directly with them frustrating - but that is common to all ISPs except virgin, I believe.


In my experience using the TalkTalk telephone support service does not result in a good experience.    Using this forum (with your own thread) results in better continuity, clear continuity and a record of what you and the OCEs have said. One also gets useful input from other users.

Scanning the forums can also give insight into common issues and solutions.


TT telephone support seem overly eager to close a call.  So when the same problem recurs a few days / weeks later it is seen as a separate issue. Other problems with the telephone service are documented by others in this thread and since I avoid the service it is difficult for me to tell if any improvements have been made. I would only use the telephone support service if I had no other way of contacting TT.  However that said it was certainly no worse than EE's service.


As far as I can tell all my broadband issues over the years (with several different ISPs) have been related to issues that required OpenReach to resolve.  So a key issue is how well TT can manage and inform OpenReach cases.      I suspect that their is limited difference between the volume / cheaper  ISPs in this respect.  There are ISPs that cost a lot more that undoubtedly do a better job in this respect and also give you a better router (particularly if you want to tweak settings and see statistics).


TalkTalk offer three different routers currently.  I have tried all three in the last six months.  It seems to me that individual routers can develop faults and that the different routers / router models handle line issues differently.   Via this forum it is relatively easy to get a replacement router (and a returns bag) to allow you to eliminate this potential cause of issues.


Solving the OpenReach issues is partly about getting an OpenReach engineer to engage with your problem.  Make a note of his/her name, remember he is there to help and try to put aside your frustrations with multiple visits and missed appointments and the service issue.


I love the telephone Callsafe service. 


If things do not work out you can get referred to the CEOs office ("make a complaint").  That did sort my issue and as a bonus they offer me compensation for the long period of unreliable service. 


Compensation was unexpected as I had pursued the issues through this forum and understood that TT's policy did not recognise forum posts as evidence of problems in the same way as calls to the telephone line.  In my case that proved not to be the case, perhaps because, I had had multiple engineer visits as a result of my forum posts.


The details do not belong in this thread but I did feel that certain terms of service for engineer visits are unreasonable in certain situations.  So I refused to agree the.  That is why I referred my issues to CEO.  My issues with the terms were addressed to my satisfaction in my case but not by modifying/explaining the standard terms.


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In response to the comment above:-

"TT telephone support seem overly eager to close a call.  So when the same problem recurs a few days / weeks later it is seen as a separate issue."

I was in IT support management for a UK company whose support was partly outsourced to India. The way the service level agreements and performance measures are structured can lead to this type of behaviour. They may effectively be an incentive to the support provider to close a call as early as possible, as it is then recorded as a resolved issue, which boosts the measured performance against targets, even though the actual issue may be unresolved. Often the individual support agent's and the overall provider's performance is measured in the same way, so there's a dual incentive for this behaviour.

With in-house support this may be less likely, though it still happens.

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Like countless other Talk Talk Customers who were unfortunate enough to sign up to the unfathomably dreadful “service", I too received appalling broadband connection, below average broadband speeds (in my case 3.3mbps) and regular service disconnections.  
After contacting Talk Talk to discuss these issues I was presented with a replacement router that resolved exactly none of these issues.
Talk Talk's broadband speeds really had a chance to show what they weren't capable of when two devices attempted to access the same WiFi network... Crash!
However, it is Talk Talk's unashamedly abysmal customer service and shockingly rude employees that win this internet and phone provider the award for number one company to avoid at all costs.  
Counting down the days before I could finally break free from their torturous 12 month prison sentence, I attempted (on numerous occasions) to phone the company to inform them that I would like to switch providers................................................................
Exactly that, the line went dead...
At first I gave Talk Talk the benefit of the doubt and assumed that it was a bad connection (I mean it is Talk Talk we're dealing with here) so I called them again and lo and behold the same thing happened.  
Now, you know what they say about assuming things, right?  Well, they certainly made an “Ass outa me"...
I was hung up on six times before a “technical supervisor" would speak to me about leaving Talk Talk and even then they wouldn't actually discuss the “leaving" part.  
After barely audible, what I assume were “sales tactics" (or a desperate lover asking repeatedly “but why do you want to go?..."), I had managed to finally convince the “technical supervisor" that I no longer wanted to pay for a service which at best was barely provided.  I was then asked to wait whilst I was to be connected to the cancellation department and after a reluctant ten minute wait I was greeted by the same advisor who then said “I will now put you through to the cancellation department".  Guess what happened next........................................................................  
Yep!!  You guessed it, another disconnected call.
Though instead of breaking my spirits Talk Talk had only made me more steadfast.  I researched method after method to leaving this soul sucking corporation and of course, there is no easy way out...  
Sending a written letter to; 
TalkTalk Correspondence Dept. 
PO Box 675 Salford 
M5 0NL
is a suggestion though if their telephone manner is anything to go by then I'm guessing that Talk Talk's letter box has an industrial sized shredder on the other side of it. 
The email address for Talk Talk;
is, not surprisingly, a dedicated complaints address... Feel free to use it and tell Talk Talk exactly how you feel about their service and don't be shy...
So yes, I had to pick up that phone again and delve once more, head first into the insane asylum that is the Talk Talk customer service “help" line.  If only it was just “once more"...   
Long story short and after much more perseverance, I was finally speaking with a Talk Talk Technical Supervisor “Manager" (at least that's what I was told).  She advised me to call back in two days to cancel otherwise I would incur an early exit fee.   
I kindly asked if she would put a note of our current conversation into their system so that when I called back in two days time I would not have to go through this recurring madness for the sixteenth time.  She assured me not to worry and that all my requests will be logged and my next phone call to discuss cancellation will be simple and straightforward...... Now, do you think this was the case?... Well, that's a story for a different day...
It was basically Groundhog Day the movie if Groundhog Day had been based on a never ending circle of phone calls to Talk Talk requesting to cancel their service and then them hanging up.
I implore anyone who has even fleetingly considering signing their hard ‘earned over' to Talk Talk's money pit pockets to deeply reconsider.  You will NOT get a fluid service and you will NOT be able to cancel their service without severe difficulty and countless hours of stress and endless perseverance.
No, No, No!!! Just don't do it!!! Not even if they are ridiculously cheap or offering cashback!! 
Had Dante endured the ultimate displeasure of even three minutes dealing with a Talk Talk Technical Supervisor the “Inferno" poem he penned hundreds of years ago would certainly depict a far worse hell.
Abandon hope all ye who enter into a contract with Talk Talk.
You have been given more than fair warning... 
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Live_SGC,


Welcome to the Community


I'm really sorry to hear that you've been unhappy with your service and with the support provided. Would you like us to raise a complaint on your behalf? If you would then we'll just need to take some details.



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The worst company in UK!!!Every second day my broadband stop working!!!!Now I currently without internet!!!

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Dmitrakovang,


I'm really sorry to hear this. Please can you create your own thread and we can look into this further for you.




Amr Moustafa
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Yes, It is, Ever since I moved to a new house on March 9 2020 I didn’t have internet and I was told that the engineer would come on 25th March but no one turned up, then 3rd April and again no one turned up then May 5th then no one came literally 3 TIMES TALKTALK SAID THAT THE ENGINEER WOULD COME AND BROKE THE PROMISE!!!! My children have to do work on laptops and mobile devices and the credit keeps on running out. I’d say I am very angry at you TalkTalk 
I’d rate TalkTalk 2/10. Shame on you TalkTalk.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Amr Moustafa,


I'm sorry to hear that you're unhappy with your service. if you need assistance can you please start your own thread and update your community profile to include your:

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • Alternative contact number

We'll then look into this further. Please do not post this information on this thread.