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Modem only

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Hello I have a Netgear Xr500 ,I was wondering can the sagemcom hub be turned into modem only mode or have I got to purchase a separate modem.

many thanks

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It does not support true modem mode, but you can still use it as the first router. The way to do this is to leave the Sagemcom in its default configuration, then:-


  1. Put your Netgear into bridge mode & connect both routers up via their LAN ports.
  2. Disable the DHCP server on the Netgear.
  3. You either reserve the IP address allocated to the Netgear via DHCP or allocate it one statically on the Netgear that is out of the DHCP scope of IP addresses used by the Sagemcom.
  4. You can then either enable or disable the Wi-Fi on the Sagemcom, depending on your requirements.


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Hi @sycoe that's a nice router!

Try taking a LAN connection

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