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Moving home / FTTC availability question

First Timer



I am looking at moving to a new property in the coming months, and have a quite specific question regarding transfer of service that I'm hoping someone can comment on. 


I currently have Talktalk FTTC in an area that seemingly does not have additional capacity. I think this is the case because the Talktalk availability checker says: "Talktalk fibre is available for your home, but high demand in your area means we can't bring it to you right now", other providers say it's just not available. 


A quick Google suggests that message from Talktalk means there's not available capacity in the Openreach cabinets.

Using shows that both my current address and the new address are served by the same Cabinet

(the houses are very close to one another, so this doesn't surprise me), which shows 'Waiting List' for 'WBC FTTC Availability'


With that in mind, does anyone know how this affects moving an existing service? I'd assume that because I already have a 'spot' in the cab for VDSL (this is probably a massive over simplification) it would just be moved to the new address as and when an engineer does that bit of the work? 


Any help much appreciated.


Community Team - TT Staff

Hi brianB_7,


It's a bit of an unusual situation if you're moving to another property connected to the same cab. I'm not sure but I wouldn't assume that because you have fibre at your current property they'll just transfer the connection over to the new property, unfortunately I don't think it works like that.  



First Timer

Thanks Chris, and apologies for the slow reply. 


Do you know if there's any avenues I can explore to get clarity on the issue? Talktalk support didn't really seem to entirely grasp what I was saying on the web chat.



Community Team - TT Staff

Hi brianB_7


I would suggest contacting our homemove team to discuss this, like Chris says it seems like it should be a simple solution but the team will have better tools to clarify the situation. 








Wizz Kid
Hi, I would not hold your breath what should/would be a simple solution for us on this Forum is a Brain Storming Exercise for the call centre as we all know!