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Moving to nearer cabinet . . .

Team Player

If the highest levels of Management at TalkTalk can’t be bothered to get in touch or offer assistance when promised, it’s no surprise that everyone else I’ve come into contact with are equally non-plussed. (This is not aimed at the people in this forum I must add).


After no call from CEO office as promised; I called the CS agents myself in an attempt to cancel the cease; I’m told it takes 7 days to raise a ‘back-line ticket’ to do so, by which time the Cease will have already happened - so effectively there’s nothing that can be done.


Lets just hope, our line gets freed up sufficiently so it doesn’t cause issues to move to another supplier . . . I can just see it now (or am I being a touch cynical)? 


@OCE_Debbie please can you provide an email address for someone in the CEO office, so I can attempt to recover the money we have spent on TalkTalk services which we have not been provided.


So this is (I would say sadly, but it’s become more of a relief) goodbye.


Thanks again.

Community Star

Have you checked the spam/junk folders in your email? 

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi BerryViney


I'm really sorry to hear this.


If you haven't received a call today by 3pm please let me know and I will contact this team again.