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My TalkTalk Tale of Woe (or how I am being forced into a new, slower contract)


@r00x00r wrote:

@OCE_Chris Hi Chris, thanks for that; did you manage to find out if the "reprovide" bit was cancelled properly too? I never did get a clear answer on that from when I called up; the guy seemed convinced I'd never booked an engineer for the 11th.


I mean that's fine if they just screwed up again and failed to book it, worked out in my favour for once, but it would be nice to know for sure!


I appreciate the well wishes, everyone on staff at TalkTalk is always really nice, so it's a shame to leave when everyone seems to want to help and make things better, but the awful experience has driven me up the wall, over the ceiling and back down the other side haha, so I'm fine with parting ways!


I wouldnt celebrate just yet !


Wait till you get the final bill and hope it doesnt contain any surprises.


Better still, cancel your direct debit immediately to avoid this, else you might have to end up writing a whole new book, which might become a reference manual for Customer services (how not to) at university level management studies.Face_with_tears_of_joy


I have my own tale of woes but wont bother, lest the post gets deleted. Happened many times.


Good luck with your new provider.

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@marstwain This is a big part of why I didn't bother switching when problems appeared after the line was installed. However, the engineers are supposed to understand that they need to change my line (I will certainly make it clear when they arrive to set up my new service) so it's less a case of them not being aware of it and more whether or not they actually bother or manage to replace the faulty section. Thing is it's no longer just about the line, I just can't tolerate such uselessness out of my ISP any more. And the juxtaposition between how lovely and helpful the TalkTalk staff are and their CATASTROPHICALLY BAD ability to follow through is extremely jarring.

Anyway engineers are supposed to know about my line in advance but Openreach generally turned up with only a vague idea about what the problem was and no awareness of how much time had been put into the issue already, despite the eleventy billion notes TalkTalk staff allegedly left them every time. Openreach are no better, if they even came to the house they'd poke around for a bit and then leave and I'd get a text from TalkTalk marking the issue resolved. Generally if I got that text it meant TalkTalk wouldn't bother following up even if we agreed that was to be done.

Led to some very amusing conversations with TalkTalk staff like:

"OK so we'll arrange a call back for you after the engineer leaves-"

"No you won't."


"You won't call, you never do." (explain the million times this has been promised before)

"Oh... well... we'll certainly hope you get a call back! So when do you want a call?"

"Literally whenever, it doesn't matter, because you won't call haha"

"Uh... how about 5pm"

"(laughs) Sure why not!"

Of course, they don't call. I notice recently they've started clarifying that a promise to call me back isn't actually a guarantee that I will receive a call. That's hilarious as well but I do appreciate the honesty, they must be getting torn a new one a lot about that. You'd think they'd fix the system that led to it instead of just warning customers they're rubbish, haha.
-_- sigh
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@maniben Yeah it definitely occurred to me I should do that! I may have to wait for any new authorisation on the new contract to show up on my bank though. I suppose I will have a window between the cancel date and the allegedly nonexistant "new contract" date to do that.


I have enough to write a book, yeah Face_with_tears_of_joy so you've had posts deleted before huh? Can't imagine the journey you must've been through then!!


There is a LOT more swearing and anger in my notes about what has happened, to be honest, since I originally just intended it for my reference and needed to vent my frustration and disbelief, and as you well know, as the months and engineer call outs and broken promises went on these feelings only got worse. It's a weight off my mind now that I'm leaving but I know there's a risk I could just be starting the whole process again with another ISP, sigh.


There's no proper fibre or G-fast or cable services here (actually, one engineer let slip that a G-fast box is installed down the road, but due to my stupid line length I probably work out "too far" to qualify for it once it goes live, which is agony).


-_- sigh
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@maniben You were right, this isn't over!


Not content with wasting another hour of my life last week when I tried to cancel an allegedly nonexistant new contract... turns out that contract is very real, and there's apparently some kind of problem with it, according to an email I received this morning.


That email was followed by way more attempts at contact than I've ever received from TalkTalk before, and it's not even lunchtime yet. Voicemails and everything.


Where was all this attention when I had a problem with my existing contract, eh? Quiet_face


I finally answer and get some unintelligible nonsense on the other end but manage to make out it's about the new contract, and confirming I want to go ahead. I say no, in fact I called last week to cancel but was told the order didn't exist.


Why do I want to cancel, she asks?


I just say I don't wanna give TalkTalk any more money (she laughs) and that it would take too long to explain.


She then insists I have to be transferred to cancel things. (Why ask me if I want to continue if you can't authorise me NOT continuing?) 


At which point I told her I'm not doing that again, and per @maniben's idea I'm just cancelling any direct debit authorisations and moving on. (I can only assume my final bill has been cleared since, naturally, I can no longer access my online account).


Unsurprisingly I then find myself on hold to this other department. So yeah, I hung up.


And she calls back within, like TWO MINUTES.


WHERE was this kind of attention when I wanted to keep giving TalkTalk money?


I didn't answer, I then got an amazing three-minute long voicemail from some guy saying my name into my answering machine until he got bored and wandered off.


According to the text that then followed, TalkTalk "tried to contact me today" but will try again on Thursday.


Good luck. Face_with_tears_of_joy I'm not wasting any more time on this company. It sounds like if I don't give consent to go ahead with it, then they can't set up the new line. Good as cancelled, as far as I'm concerned! Face_with_tears_of_joy


-_- sigh