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Need a Line Test to Restore Service. TalkTalk Support Can't Do This!!

First Timer

I have an intermittent issue where my Fibre broadband drops (as reported on the HG633 router) and won't reconnect  until TalkTalk run a line test. 


Power draining the router for a couple of minutes, then powering up the router makes no difference.


Each time this happens, running a line test brings my internet connection back up.


I've just been on the phone to TalkTalk support, and because the fault has been previously been reported and an OpenReach Engineer appointment booked for 5 days time, TalkTalk's support system will not allow them to run a line test and bring my connection back up.


So in theory, I have no internet now for 5 days because TalkTalk's inadequate support system does not allow them to run a line test on my line.


This is utterly ridiculous and awful service. It's 05:18 in the morning, and I can't log into my work systems to do the work I'm supposed to be doing.


I'm told TalkTalk Support Management will be available to talk to from 8am UK time, so I'm going to try to keep escalating this until someone will run a line test and get me back online.


Going through the checks on the TalkTalk website checks my account, says there's a reported fault, but doesn't currently do  a line test.


Does anyone know how I can get someone at TalkTalk to run a line test and get me back online, please?


Many thanks


Support from TT staff on this forum is normally Monday-Friday and "office hours", so it's highly unlikely you'll find anyone who could do a line test until tomorrow morning.


There are no direct lines to UK based support.


You may be able to persuade them to do a line test, but I wouldn't hold your breath, especially as the fault has been reported and an engineer booked.



First Timer

Thank you for your reply and info, martswain.


This is a frustrating issue, because I know a line test will bring my internet back up. As the fault has been reported previously, TalkTalk support currently are unable to do a line test.


If the fault had not previously been reported, TalkTalk support could do a line test and bring my internet connection back up, and I could get on with my work.


This is ridiculous.

First Timer

Update: I spoke with a manager of the Fault team who started work at 8am. After explaining the issue, she ran a line test, which as expected, brought up my fibre connection.


It appears the 24/7 first line support team had been expressly told not to run a line test if a fault had been previously logged.


This instruction cost me 4.5 hours working time this morning, when a line test would have got my connection back up within 5 minutes.


TalkTalk: please review your internal systems and policies for the 24/7 support team. Your users shouldn't be without broadband for 4.5 hours because you've instructed your first line staff not to run a line test when a fault has previously been logged!