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New Hub

First Timer

I just received the new FAST router from TT, I'm getting 15.3 mb download which is less than the TT635 which I get 18.5 mb download, also the new FAST hub is twice the size and ugly with the brown colour showing through the front grill. I cannot understand why people are saying that the new hub is better tech? I didn't notice any difference apart from the lower speed, can anyone tell me why it's better? genuine question


I've now gone back to the TT635

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi earlybird1


Did you leave the WiFi Hub connected to the line for at least 48hrs to allow DLM time to monitor the connection with this router connected?





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Hi Earlybird,

I found my new Hub was slower than the older HG635 by quite a large margin (c. 10Mbps)

I didnt do a large amount of research, but speaking to a neighbour who is with a different provider, he informed me we are an an "ECI" cabinet that Openreach arent rolling out any more, so I wonder if it could be to do with the Cab and certain types of routers.

Just a wild stab in the dark from my perspective, but as I say, I've just stuck with the older router for a faster speed. Appreciate the Wifi might not be as good, but I use a mesh Wi-Fi system that deals with coverage around the house and garden.


First Timer

Hi Debbie, no I didn't know about DLM , I switched back to the old hub the next day as I thought the new one was really ugly, I have my hub on the TV stand so it stands out, if I thought that DLM would give me faster speed than I get with the TT635 I'd try again

Regards Robert

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi earlybird1,


We do usually advise keeping a replacement router connected for at least 48hrs to allow time for DLM to optimise the connection, however if you would prefer to use the original router then this would also be ok.