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New Sagemcom Wifi Hub failed immediately on first connection.

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Received my new Sagemcom hub yesterday but it failed to connect to the internet just the same fault as my (under 3 month old HG635) developed.  Tech team tested it and could only say that the new router was faulty too and they would send me out another one.  Phone working fine and they said the internet signal was there. 


Unfortunately the new one had not appeared on your system and they told me to ring back later as they could not order another one until the new on came on to your system.  When I did your systems were down and nothing could be done. 


Called again this morning (Saturday).  

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Is there no edit facility on here? I am still waiting after 15 mins and have to go out for the day soon. All I need is for the new wifi hub to be sent out. (promised yesterday in the notes) Got through after 20 mins and new one ordered.

Note re DHL yesterday. - Arrived at the time texted but received email afterwards saying left with neighbour. Do they know that the package will fit through the letterbox if I am out? Have they been instructed to try letterbox first?
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You won't get a response on here from the support team before Monday. If you want to pursue it more urgently then you will have to contact customer services directly. 


You can edit, use the three dot menu on the top right of your own post.


"Edit Reply" miraculously pops up as the first option in the menu.