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New Wi-Fi Hub and Extender = no internet at all

Sharon H
First Timer

I bought  the new WiFi hub and extender kit hoping to increase the speed in our extension....not only did it not improve it  resulted in no internet at all!

after an hour online chat which ended with him saying ‘bye’ and ending the chat! 

Ive tried a number of forums including advice on the community but still no internet. The extender wouldn’t connect (but did for just one night weirdly). Even when I took the extender out and just used the hub still nothing. Okay in the living room where it’s located but no where else!

I’ve  now taken out the new hub and am back using the original and I have internet again!

Community Star

I will need some more information before I can help you. Forget the extender for the moment, with just the hub connected, what is the status of the LED on the front? Can you connect to the hub's WiFi network or by a wired connection?

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