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New Wifi Hub

Team Player

Hi everyone one just been sent a new Wifi Hub ,

I have a question for you all  my master socket is set up as below .In the box it does not stipulate how to connect the new WIFI hub to this .

Do I unplug existing router and reconnect the same way IE to WAN port on new router as this is how the old is connected .


Next question ,I want to use the existing router in another room as a network extender via using the TT supplied Powerline Adapters ,how do I do this can it be done, I did read somewhere about it using 2 different lots of IP addresses say starting at upwards and leaving as the routers IP.

Any help will be greatfully received .



BT openreach Master socketBT openreach Master socketBT openreach fibre modemBT openreach fibre modem


Throw away the existing modem AND router.


The WiFi Hub replaces both.


Connect the grey cable from the top socket to the back of the hub.


Connect any LAN cables for DEVICES to the appropriate hub sockets, these will be currently plugged into the router NOT the Openreach modem.


You will have to reconnect any wireless devices using the new SSID and password supplied with the hub.