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New fibre connection never connects. How to escalate please

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I have had a terrible time with TT.

Our church office has been a TT customer for telephone and internet for over 10 years.

Recently we have to upgrade our internet connection because we need rather more upload speed than our old 1Mbs up and 4Mbs down and were delighted to be offered a faster fibre service and placed an order. Sadly someone phoned 24 hours later to say the order had been cancelled due to a problem with OpenReach which would be resolved and then we could re-order. This we did and had a new router delivered and a go live date of Monday 13th July was given. 

On the 13th there was still no internet so I contacted support who said it could be up to midnight that date, so I checked again and still no internet. TT checked and said it was a problem with Openreach 'logs'.

Openreach then came and said everything was fine and seemed to do a thorough job and duly reported this to TT. I telephone TT who say it is a faulty router which I point out is pretty unlikely since a) it is a new TT router and b) it sync's nicely at the higher speeds.

However TT are insistent and a new router duly arrives which does not resolve the problem and the router light stays solid red after a few tries at white.

So once again I contact help chat (so that I can get a transcript who say that the router has no IP address so they need to send a TT 'expert' out but cannot do this until the end of the month during which time we have no internet.


Can anyone advise how to escalate this to get resolution? Thanks


If it helps I can send chat transcripts.

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Hi @aviator ,


The TalkTalk OCE staff on this forum should be able to look into this in more detail for you. However they don't work weekends. But they should be able to respond to this post early next week to offer you some help.

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Openreach are rubbish and blame everyone other than themselves. They are wholly responsible for upgrading your service and TalkTalk have to rely on them entirely. The support team will of course check and advise you as soon as they can when they get back online on Monday. 

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Thank you. That would be most helpful.

I am under a lot of pressure to get this situation fixed by Tuesday AM.


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So current situation is that OCE haven't replied but I have contacted TT support. First I thought I would phone. Wrong - because I was not on the problem line I had a line check and a video telling me all the things I know and nothing relevant.

I then plucked up courage to chat but had to go through the whole thing again and again with the bottom line that I will go to the router tomorrow and then resume the chat with them. 

These Sagem routers, bearing in mind we have had two, don't show an IP address but do show sync OK. I cannot see how to get to any authorisation stuff like the old days but perhaps VDSL2 doesn't work that way. Anyway the chat wasn't too bad, only 41 minutes this time!

One other bit of info, I tried to sign up to other ISPs and had the message that the address and telephone don't match and have passed on to TT.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi aviator,


I'm sorry for the delay. I can see that we've posted on your other topic today so I'll close this thread to avoid confusion.