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New fibre connection with Sagemcom Fast 5364

Whizz Kid

After a few weeks use, the Wi-Fi hub stopped transmitting on the 5GHz band altogether. Restarting it or doing a factory reset had no effect. So suspected hardware fault.

Hub was replaced by Talktalk, but replacement developed same issue after a few days.

I decided to return it for a refund and bought a TP-Link Archer VR900. That seemed to be the best value model with a roughly equivalent spec.

It has pre-configured settings for all UK ISPs and the Talktalk settings worked with no issues.

I haven't tested it with Talktalk TV, as I have a BT Youview box and don't subscribe to any Talktalk IP TV channels. The Freeview channels work fine as does the programme guide. It does appear to have the IGMP snooping settings that would be needed for Talktalk TV.

Best of all, it is upnp compatible with my Synology NAS, unlike the Sagemcom, so the NAS can automatically configure the router firewall settings to match the ports and protocols needed by the NAS software packages.



Windows, Android, Synology NAS
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Just trying set up my routers. How do I change the IP address away from the standard 192.168.. range? I've always done this on all my routers, using a different IP. When I try a different IP address in the DHCP field, I'm told the address is invalid. If I change the address from in the DNS, I am still told the DHCP address fo rthe router is invalid and then I cannot connect to my router via either or my own address.


I'm just performing a factory reset as I type this, having failed ot find useful info online. The manual doesn't mention what parameters need to be changed in what order. Previous routers I've used (TP-Link is the departing router) have been a doddle to change.

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Hi Retro,


What is this software you are using to monitor and log your internet speeds?




I use Domotz on my Qnap NAS, it actually runs as a service in the background continually, scans my LAN/WiFi for any new stations and also tests my Internet. Domotz charge for mobile/online access to data/reporting and notification, it's about £3 per month I think. It works well for me, but if money is an issue, there should be plenty of alternatives around that could do similar job for free.


Kind regards,


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Hi Keith


Just back to Talktalk & need to setup my Sagemcom 5364 - spoke to Tech Support 'it must be your equipment' (but it was working immediately before you switched me over) - enough said. I searched the community & found your excellent guide, it didn't cure my problem but was a great help to understand the menu layout. So to my solution which you might like to add to you guide - I needed to go to the custom Firewall settings & add an entry allowing my ports through (yes as straightforward as that) but no one I spoke to at TT suggested that.

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I have a simimar issue with my sagemcom router which is not powering up. I tried the connection with an old broadband modem and its working fine. Can you please advice?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Thierry67,


If you still need assistance with this can you please start your own thread and give a brief description of the problem that you are experiencing, we'll be happy the help 🙂