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New router cnnetions

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Talktalk has sent me a new router, which their technical people hope will solve my recent reduction in broadband speed. Unfortunately it came without any instructions, other that to connect to 'the telephone socket'. This is so at odds with my current set up that it has me puzzled. I currently have a modem and a router, separately, with the modem connected into the broadband fibre socket - not the telephone socket which is different. Supposing that the new router actually includes a modem, should I now connect it to the fibre socket, if I can find a suitable connector? Have I been sent the wrong product?

For info, we have fibre to the box 100 meters away, and the speed has recently dropped from about 30 to less than 20 Mbps.


The new device replaces both the modem and router you have.


Connect the new router to the incoming master socket on the wall.


If there is only one socket you need to use the micro filter, if there are two, router to ADSL and phone in the other.


The necessary cables and filter will be supplied with the router.



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Many thanks. With your advice it proved simple.

(Sorry for the title typos)

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Hi miket,


Thanks for the update 🙂