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No Broadband connection

First Timer



i have woken this morning to no broadband connection - The Talk Talk router is flashing Orange


I have ran a live service connectivity test from my Talk Talk account and all is showing healthy


I have rebooted the router and there is no change - still flashing orange. I have ran all of the usual Troubleshooting steps.


new customer since Xmas and this is my first outage to service





First Timer



So I woke up this morning and there is no internet connectivity.  The router is flashing amber.

I can log onto the router via the admin account and the status is disconnected to internet (wireless is fine).  I have checked all cables and connections and everything is fine.  Line checks state the service is healthy.  I have been through troubleshooting steps with the support desk, and after switching router off for 30 mins have been told that there is nothing further they can do and it must now be passed to an escalated support team who will call me within 3 working days????


So must be either a line fault or an issue with the router itself - but 3 days?  I have only been with TalkTalk since Xmas and service is very disappointing.  Previously with BT for 3 years with no issues

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Armo70,


I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with your service. Line test is showing that your router is currently in sync and connected to the internet, is the router light still flashing orange?