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Hi folks, nice to be here.
I've just switched from Bt fibre to Talk Talk.
The router was delivered a couple of days ago but no talk of an engineer visit to install a fibre box. I used the TalkTalk chat to raise this issue and was told I didnt need one and to just use the BT phone socket. I thought this was nonsense myself but the help person insisted this was the case.

I plugged in the micro filter to the phone socket and the grey broadband cable into the microfilter and the other end into the TalkTalk router and do not get any internet. I also tried plugging in the BT WAN cable into the WAN socket and the router with no success.

I dismantled all that and went back to myBT fibre box and BT router and it all works fine.

Any ideas please? Should TalkTalk have installed a fibre box at my property?

Thanks for any help, details of the TalkTalk router are below.

Cable Modem Serial Number
Hardware Version
FAST5364 3.00
Software Version
GUI Version
System Up Time
Cable Modem MAC Address












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Hi Spottydog, amazingly you dont need a fibre box. Depending on your BT box you will have one or two sockets. 1 socket, plug in the supplied splitter, phone into the phone socket and router into the other.

Two sockets, forget the splitter phone into phone and router into the other. Enjoy.

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