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Normal websites are being blocked?

Whizz Kid

I don't know what's going on, but I'm trying to access Bulb Energy's Website ( and it says 'Error accessing site'. I don't know if this is a problem with HomeSafe blocking normal websites (I do have it turned on), or websites just down? I haven't tried any other browsers or tried to access it from my computer, but is anyone else experiencing any similar problems accessing certain websites? Thanks. Screenshot_20190419-210835.jpg


Anisa Khalifa
Whizz Kid
just been on bulb website so thats okay
Whizz Kid

Just downloaded Microsoft Edge and tried the Bulb Website and it loads properly. Would it be a Google Chrome problem? 

Anisa Khalifa
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi an1sa_k,


How are you getting on, are you still experiencing this issue in Chrome? Do you have the issue on more than one device?


Whizz Kid

Hi @OCE_Chris


Yes, it has occurred on some pages that I've tried visiting. This issue only appears when using the latest version of the Chrome browser on all devices that I've used. All other browsers load the same page fine. 


I think it occurs with pages the use HTTP and not HTTPS, but I may be wrong. 


For now, I think the best option is to use another browser, unless there is a fix? 

Anisa Khalifa