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PSTN delivery over FTTC

Whizz Kid

This might be a simple question with an obvious answer, but I would like a technically accurate answer!


If I have fast internet connected using fibre to the cabinet, how is voice (i.e. equivalent to a PSTN connection) delivered? Is it simply similar to ADSL, with a micro-filter? I have a couple of extensions off the NTE5 and I need to plan for any changes, should  I go ahead with a faster connection than ADSL2+.


Looking forwards to any replies. TIA

Wise Owl

Apologies if I have misunderstood your question but if you have the standard NTE5 socket then you will still need the microfilter when switching to FTTC for the same reason you needed it with ADSL.


You can buy new faceplates for the NTE5 which filter the signal within the socket so you then don't need the microfilter which can also improve the connection (I assume because you don't get the losses you would with a plugged connection). You're not really allowed to mess with your master socket but maybe a face plate change is allowed as I guess you would be messing with the internal side of the socket and not the BT/ OR side.




EDIT: Forgot to say that if the signal is filtered in the mastre socket then if you need to run extensions then you will have to run separate ones for voice and internet.

Whizz Kid


Thanks, that is exactly the info I needed, as even though I had several decades involved in voice and data comms at work the industry has moved on since I left, and I didn't know whether the final connection was still 2-wire with voice being filtered out with a low pass filter (as in the microfilter) or on 4-wire with BB and voice on separate pairs.