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Package Renewal - Fiber Boost

First Timer

I currently have fiber broadband with TalkTalk with FiberBoost added to increase the speed. This has been working just fine for current 18 month contract (line speed of 58Mbps and download speeds of 50+Mbps) and now we're just coming up to the renewal. Upon trying to renew, I've been told that the speed boost has to be removed from the account as the line doesn't support those speeds and this is due to the Ofcom codes of practice on broadband speed of which TalkTalk is a member.


While I could understand as a new customer, you may not offer the speed boost, given we're a current customer with a direct measurement of line and performance, this seems ridiculous. We achieve a line speed of 58Mbps and download speeds of 50+ Mbps, This shows the line clearly does support the fiber boost and therefore it seems ridiculous you're forcing us to slower speeds.


I've gone around and around with customer service on this who don't seem to understand the issue and everytime I call, I get a different story from "the line doesn't support it" to "you'll get the current speeds you get without the boost". I've also called Ofcom who don't really understand this and I have asked your customer service team to provide the exact point in the code of practice which precludes you in allowing us to continue with the speed boost.


At this point, I have no confidence in the TalkTalk Customer Service staff addressing this so I'm hoping the staff on here will be able to do more. I've asked this to be sent up to higher management/the CEOs office but I'm still waiting to hear back. The account renewal is due by the 18th September and as this has been going on for weeks, we're starting to reach crunch-time. Is someone able to help with this?

Jonathan Crass

You are effectively entering into a new contract and the new policy seems to be that if your Minimum Guaranteed Speed is not above 40 Mbps then they will no longer offer the boost on the renewed contract.


You are not the first person this has happened to and going by what has been advised previously, you have two choices, re-contract with TT without the boost or find another ISP.



First Timer

I understand that - expect Ofcom says this is non-sense and no one at TalkTalk is able to actually say what rule/regulation precludes them from doing this.


The fact I know at peak times we exceed 40Mbps means this really seems ridiculous!


Hopefully someone with an actual understanding from TalkTalk will reach out to get this resolved.

Jonathan Crass