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Packet Loss

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So past 2~ days I have been having problems with packet loss, but only when I am actually playing games.


If I play Dota 2 my inputs will drop sometimes - Dota 2 reports 0 packet loss.

I have also tried SFV and that manifests in the game pausing every few seconds.


If I try and run a ping to say,, even with 1000 bytes of data I get no packet loss', no high ping, nothing. The issue is only manifesting within the game.

It is not performance related, Dota is not stuttering, or anything. Only inputs dropping.


  • I have tried restarting my router

  • Restarting my PC

  • Resetting my IP Config


Not sure what else to try really. If my ping is stable to websites, I cannot recreate the issue on demand, and everything is seemingly working normally.. how to really solve it so to speak.


Perhaps ping packets are not enough to prompt packet loss? I am not too sure, could my line please be checked?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Jacob29,


Sorry for the delay and I'll take a look now. I've run a test on the line which hasn't detected a fault. Does this also happen if you connect wired?




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Hi Michelle,

Cheers for the line test.

The issue appears to have possibly resolved itself, for the record however, I already was on wired (should have said)
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Jacob29,


If you do experience any further problems please let us know