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Performance problems even with fibre speed boost

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I'm 12 months into my 18 month contract and have to say that I am really unimpressed with TalkTalk's performance.


According to the line information I should be getting 67MBit/s download, that's the information the line is reporting via the TalkTalk status page and also the information it's reporting to the router, in reality I'm getting nothing close.


TalkTalk's supplied router had such poor WiFi that I replaced it with a TP-Link N-band VR600 router, I would actually only get a result of around 35-45MBit/sec doing a speedtest over WiFi (same room as the router, full wifi signal) even when testing against multiple destination servers.


I recently replaced the router with a TP-Link VR900 v2 AC1600 router and guess what, I still only get 35-45MBit/sec according to speedtest.


My partner has the same router plugged into a Virgin v3 Superhub in modem mode and I get speedtest results of up to 363MBit/sec so I know that the router is more than capable of delivering high speeds and my iPhone WiFi chipset isn't the issue by the fact that the same model router on the same firmware version is capable of delivering nearly 10 times the performance of my home broadband over WiFi.


I'm paying for the "up to 75MBit/sec" speed boost and have been since month 1, I initially thought my old router was the reason why I never got more than 45MBit/sec over WiFi but now I believe that what the line reports to my router and what TalkTalk say on their service status page is utter rubbish in relation to the actual performance you get.  


35MBit/sec is the speed I should get without the speed boost, paying £5 a month in order to get the basic speed and potentially an extra 10MBit/sec over that when it wants to, is really unacceptable.  Recently I've been getting emails encouraging me to sign up for a further 2 years - not happening with the poor performance TalkTalk are providing me at present.  Thankfully Virgin are only 2 miles down the road at present, so hopefully in the next 6 months I should get a decent broadband provider in my area.

TalkTalk really need to up their game...
Community Team

Hi KevinAJohn1


I'm really sorry to hear this.


I've completed a line test which hasn't detected any faults and your line is in sync at 67.2mb.


Please can you power down your router for a full 30 minutes and then run a speed test following this?





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Hi Debbie,


unfortunately I am currently in work, 20 miles from home.  In August we had OpenReach out due to the phone line being virtually unusable (severe crackling on the line).  They re-cabled the house to the pole and changed the connection from the pole to the BT cabinet; this improved the crackling situation on the line, however it didn't improve the speed.


Both my previous router and current router showed the link at being around 67MBit/sec however the speedtest results came nowhere close and this is with 2 different routers, one an N-Band, one an AC.  The new router has been online for near enough 30 days to ensure that the line doesn't go down (which one of your colleagues has previously stated can cause the performance to be downgraded as it can be interpretted as there being a line issue).





TalkTalk really need to up their game...
Community Team

Hi Kevin


Thanks for your reply.


Powering down the router for 30 minutes would start a new session and this often increases the throughput speed.


Please can you try this and let us know how the speed compares?