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Phone Line dead but Broadband working

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@brandyman You are right that compensation will apply after close of play tomorrow, but just to clarify it will then be automatically paid with 30 days of the issue being resolved.


Read your statement again. I said that the customer should be getting compensation from yesterday (Saturday). You said from "close of play tomorrow" which I said was wrong and highlighted the relevant text from Ofcom.


"Why you felt the need to post this at this stage in an individual problem topic only you of course could explain."


Because it is a forum and I was trying to help the customer who may not have been aware of Automatic Compensation. As it happens the customer did know but some may not.


Frankly, I would like to say that I am shocked at your comment which seems to imply personal censorship. However, I am not as you appear to have a history of rubbing posters up the wrong way.  One can only equate it to being chastised by the forum police.


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@brandyman Nobody needs to know about automatic compensation, that is the point. But thanks for being helpful.

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Hi everyone, 


Thanks for all the messages, just to update, the engineer came about a couple hours ago and seems to have fixed the line. Both phone line and broadband are live currently. The engineer didn't have to visit the house so this was a fault somewhere outside like the cabinet or exchange or something, but he did call and check the line was working afterwards. 


I'll message back here if I have any technical issues.


Also, I did not know about the compensations scheme, thanks for informing me about that, I'll take a look into it. And thanks to @OCE_Chris for your swift help on the issue. 


Best Wishes

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Great news, you know where to find us if you have any further issues.

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Hi Ant88ant,


Thanks for keeping us updated.





Sorry to come in on somebody else's thread but I have the same issue. I have Broadband which is working but my phone line has been dead for approximately 8 weeks now. I use my mobile for calls so have not needed to use my landline. Problem is, nobody can get through. I have rang the landline from my mobile and it says that my calls are being screened. Phone doesn't ring out at all and I have done the complete test on the incoming box and the phone is dead when plugged into the test switch too.

I do not have call screening on the line as I took that off when the charge was applied.

Could you please look into this for me. Or at least contact me via email so I can have this problem resolved.
I purchased a new phone yesterday thinking the phone itself could be at fault, but after full charge, it is exactly the same...dead to the world!

Many thanks in advance

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Tilly,


Sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with your service. Can you please start a topic in the Home phone section and we'll be happy to help 


Could you also confirm if the telephone line is completely dead, no dial tone.


And can you test with your telephone connected to your Test Socket if you have one


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@OCE_Chris  Separate topic already in hand with OCE Arne.

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