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Playstation 4 Connection Issues

First Timer

Hi there, 


I've had constant issues with the connectivity of PS4 consoles and TalkTalk routers. I've had three different routers from TalkTalk including the Super Router and the WiFi Hub you get with faster fibre and I've had a couple of different PS4 consoles and the same issues arise. 
 I find that when the console is turned on from sleep mode it fails to connect to the Wifi, also during playing sessions it will randomly disconnect and keep flitting between connecting and disconnecting and the only ways I can resolve it is to perform a connection test or restart the console. 
 I've had connectivity issues with some other devices but they're never this often. Literally if I can play my PS4 for two days on the trot without it disconnecting then I consider myself lucky. 
The console is on the same floor as the router, maybe 8-10 metres away with two walls in between them. I dont see this being the issue as my other devices, including my Nintendo Switch which has terrible wifi, dont seem to disconnect randomly. 


If anyone has any suggestions i'd much appreciate them!

Community Team

Hi Yar2084,


Are either the router or PS4 situated close to other wireless or electrical devices that could be causing interference?