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Port forwarding

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Been using my old talktalk router haven't had the error message pop up about having a no network connection, I've been getting failed to connect to host/server spoken with Activision they keep telling me to port forward to resolve my issue is their any idea when the new firmware will be available for the fast hub? Or can someone help me port forward the settings to my router 

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If you are establishing the connection from a device connected to your local router to a server on the internet, then port forwarding is not used. This is only ever used when you are running some sort of server software on your local device and someone tries to connect to your device from the internet.

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Hello Keith thank you for your reply I've tried to tell Activision that I've never had to port forward before but they are still insisting on me to do this, I'm using a playstation 4 all I do is stick the game in load the game up click which ever game option zombies/multiplayer ect and then I go into a game lobby and wait until the game launches the game automatically chooses the host and who connects ect but since I've been using my old TT router I haven't had the error message pop up saying that I need an active connection I do get the disconnected from host/server but that may be my connection to them if they have a poor internet connection so I can't understand why my fast router doesn't work correctly but my other TT router does work?