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Quidco Cashback

First Timer

Hi guys


i joined TalkTalk in August. I ordered through Quidco and to avail of the £110 Cashback offer. The Cashback initially did not track, so I submitted a claim to Quidco to track it. It has been over two months and the Cashback is still showing as awaiting a decision from the retailer. I waited the 45 days for it to track but it still hasn’t. 

could you please look into this for me


thank you. 

Community Team

Hi @Patils


Thanks for your post. 


I will contact the team at AWIN and get back to you. 




First Timer

Hi I have the exact same problem and seems like many others do to. I was toying with a few companies before I joined it was the cashback offer that swayed me to go talk talk. Can this be looked into please as it’s really quite annoying. Thanks in advance

Community Team

@Rtyler92  can you start a new topic and also update your community profile and I can start to help.  

First Timer

Hi I am just wondering have you any update on mine?

Community Team

Hi Patils


Awin have verified the sale so you should get the cashback.