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Reduced my sync speed again while increasing price to £46 and attempt to sell me upgrade

Team Player

Once again my speed has come down to 63Mbps. I pay well over the odds and for the full 88MBps or whatever it is.
My price increases all the time and the speed quietly gets reduced periodically. Last time had to go through about 5 hours of morons on the phone and an engineer had to visit. Of course there was no fault and miraculously the speed went back to 88Mbps....
In the same position again and the angry and aggressive morons on the helpdesk in south Africa are of zero use. They are trying to sell me a "boost" and offering me new packages. Absolutely infuriating.


What the hell is going on with you people. Its a complete rip off.

Waiting for optics!
Team Player

Just to add...Connected to the test socket for 4 years straight. No other devices. Use ethernet to pc and test over ethernet.



Waiting for optics!
Community Team

Hi breakz187,


The maximum sync speed 80Mbps, you're current sync speed of 66.9Mbps is within the predicted range for your line. Your connections speed can fluctuate as stability and errors are monitored by an automated system that tries keep them within an acceptable range. If the error count and disconnections stay low then the speed should improve again