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Remote Desktop blocked can not connnect to remote pc

First Timer

I have been using remote software to connect to work for ages, change over to talktalk and can’t connect... check on google to find it’s a common problem with some fraud protection thing blocking it, phoned talktalk and some with their help desk and was promised all fixed, but still no connection ... if I connect to next doors bt broadband I can remote straight away ... I can only work from home when connected to next doors bt broadband ... talktalk turned of supersafe but made no difference so I pay for broadband that won’t let me work ... have spent hours holding on talktalk phone line to get it sorted and they can’t sort it out.. I use bt or my phones connection all good.

have the hg633 router with apparently latest firmware ... can you sort this or do I need to leave talktalk and head over to bt or plusnet ?


In your computer settings, under network adapter, change DNS settings to use Google’s DNS server IPs and see if that helps,

and / or

you could als log in to the router and change them there if you wanted too.