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Remove Scam Protection

First Timer

Hi, recently joined TT and would like scam protection removed but there is no online option to do that other than call.


Can I do it via this forum? 

Insightful One

@Croucher Hi welcome yes there is but might have changed since i have last looked at it 


u could try turning home safe off as that did do the other one u say as well.


but might have fixed the issue there now.


why do u not want the scam protection on????

Hope that help Joe R If so then give me a Kudos ( Click the Thumb up Button)
Problem Solver

I don't think you can turn Homesafe off, only the components within it.


As it happens I also turned Scam Protection on about a week ago (tinkering) only to find I then couldn't turn it off without calling up. It says "Add and remove filters at anytime" in the description which clearly isn't true and quite annoying. However, it doesn't seem to have affected anything performance wise.


OP if it's that much of an issue then I guess you could manually set the DNS Server to Google/ OpenDNS/ etc. to bypass Homesafe entirely until it's sorted but that puts you outside of all online security features TT use. That's not necessarily a bad thing just something to be aware of. 



Community Team

Hi Croucher, I can turn off scam protection for you. I've sent you a personal message to obtain the necessary security information. 




Good morning ACE_Ady, 

could you please turn it off for me as wlel? Try to call all day but with this virus around no one is available.


Thanks in advance.



Community Team

Hi Nenno81,


I'm sorry to hear this. Please can you create your own thread and we can pick this up for you.