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Renewed my contract


13th Aug 19 renewed my contract. this is a copy of the text in the order.


Your order

Your estimated broadband speeds
Download Speeds

Maximum speed 75.4 Mb

Typical speed range 62.9 Mb to 73.6 Mb

Minimum guaranteed speed 57.8 Mb


Upload Speeds

Maximum speed 18.9 Mb

Typical speed range 17.9 Mb to 18.9 Mb

Minimum speed 5.0 Mb


Contract length 18 months


Your broadband package
Fixed price for 18 months Faster Fibre £26.00

Your flexible boosts
Add and remove these boosts one month at a time


Fibre Speed Boost £5 FREE

FREE for 18 months then £5.00 a month thereafter


Monthly total


I originally had fibre broadband getting speeds of 37 mbps download and 9.4 mbps upload.

This new order includes a FREE boost to receive higher speeds as stated in the text but i have not received the boost and am still getting my previous speeds. TalkTalk have said the boost is active but obviously it is not. They sent an openreach engineer to test my line and there is no fault at all with my line, and he confirmed that the boost was not active.


Can someone tell me why the boost is not active.

Popular Poster

I think I'm having a similar issue. I was previously getting much faster speeds and renewed my contract. Now I'm getting 38Mbps. I was told in an online chat that Fibre Speed Boost shows as being part of my contract. 


I received a phone call from TT  about the issue. I explained to them what the problem was and that the engineer had found nothing wrong, I was put through to customer services and they sorted it out for me. I found speaking to them on the phone is better than on the chat service even if the phone call took 47 minutes.

Community Team

@steveo1912  Thanks for the update, Glad it got sorted out. 


@son1c_g If you start a new thread we can look into it.