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Reprofile line - not getting speeds guaranteed

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After reporting an issue with my Telephone line.


A service agent performed some tests which have decreased my internet speeds by over 50%


I was getting 30-35mbps

- after yesterdays tests on my telephone line, I am not getting under 17mbps.


apparently an engineer from OR has been assigned to the case.


I am still having major issues with my telephone line and also broadband.


I am WFH and this is not an ideal situation. I also cannot enjoy a few games as i cannot get connected to online services.


Before you ask

- all TS steps have been performed

- reset router

- off and on - waited upto 20m


-sync speeds still less than 17mbps

- your service agent also denied to reprofile my line as a test.


Ofcom suggest I can cancel my contract without a fee


- please advise my next steps

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I've just ran 3 tests on

Download Average 15.99 Mb/s
Upload Average - 1.344 Mb/s
Latency - 42.42 ms
The Engineer is booked out for a telephone fault as I cannot receive or make calls! not for my internet.
The overall performance is terrible! the past 2 weeks
- I have seen constant disconnects / drops
My internet should be 
- around 32mpbs - 40mbps as promised in my contract.
What do you need me to do?
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My Internet Connection

Status = Connected

Current speeds

Download: 16.19 Mbps

Upload: 1.94 Mbps


Current Connection time

Online for 0:06:11 day(s)

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IPv4 Information


WAN NameStatusIP AddressVLAN/PriorityConnect



WAN Information
MAC Address:CC:64:A6:2C:E3:C7
Policy:Use the specified value
IP Acquisition Mode:DHCP
IP Address/Subnet Mask:
DNS Servers:,
Lease Time:900 s
Remain Lease:889 s
Vendor Info:DG8041W-v1.05t
Online Duration (dd:hh:mm:ss):00:06:12:21


WAN Statistics


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My internet jsut dropped for no reason while speaking to a client


- i need this investigated ASAP

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Community Star

The OCE will not pick up unsolicited messages. I have re-escalated this into their workflow, please wait for them to respond.

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These are not unsolictied messages.


These are the Talk Talk reps that have commented on this post or helped.


I thought I would highlight them as I have heard nothing from anyone in the past 2 days

Community Star

They are unsolicited messages. The only PMs that the OCE will deal with are if they directly ask you for information. And you posted on a topic after a long hiatus so it would not have come to their attention. That is why I flagged it up for you. So please wait and they will respond as soon as they can.


Chat Champion

I do apreciate you flagging the messagem but once again, these are not unsolicted messages!


I do not appreciate you hostile tone in the messages Before you state they are not hostile, tomato-tomato.



Community Team - TT Staff



I've a different model router on the way to you with a different chipset.  Lets see what sync rate this agrees and if the sync rate holds.





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Please log in to My Account if you need to view or pay your bill, manage boosts and track your usage. From My Account you can also check your connection and test your line for any issues in the Service Centre.


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this will be the 4th router you have sent me?????


- my  internet has been hard down since 12.50pm. I am wfh and suffering as having to use a hotspot connection.


Can you investigate what is going on with telephone line as an engineer was organised on tuesday

- it is 3 days later - and i am without a telephone line (landline)

- and now no internet





It makes it very difficult to follow for the OCEs who are trying to help you.


This thread has been ongoing since September 2019 !


Suggest you stick to your latest rant rather than this one.

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I posted on a new thread as noone was coming back to me after seeing multiple new posts from other users getting replies.


Please take your negativity elsewhere thank you

Community Star

@sunnypurba Now that you have had an OCE reply on this topic I have removed the other one to avoid confusion, please continue on this one from now on. 




I hope you are aware neither telephone agents or OCEs can reset DLM and/or change your profile, that can only be done by Openreach and then normally after a fault has been investigated and cleared.


Tagging every OCE under the sun as you did yesterday just to get attention certainly won't get your issue attended to any faster, it'll likely p*** them off, LOL

Chat Champion


OCE's that we tagged have been agents that have been on this issue.


As a end user I can request a re-profile if i like.

- I am not receiving my 4th router


- if Karl looked into my account - he would see that WILL NOT RESOLVE my issue


However because you are a internet troll (it wont work on me) you feel the need to jump on customers message without helping anyone at all


please take your negativity to 4chan or 9gag 




You seem to be missing any knowledge of board etiquette, PM'ing OCEs without invitation is just not the done thing !


If you tag multiple agents, just WHO do you expect to take up the challenge ?


Maybe they'll have a video conference and toss a coin to see who loses and has to reply, LOL.


As for the re-profile request, you can ask here until you go blue in the face because you are not addressing it to anyone who can actually do it.


I hope you enjoy your 4th router, you could set up a nice whole-home network with those.


Best of luck with your Openreach appointment, just remember the 72 hour SLA is not currently in force due to the pandemic.


Be patient !




Chat Champion


You could ask the OCE's on how they decided to help a paying customer rather than troll.


I have asked for my line to be reprofiled before and they request went through. So I have avoid a blue face thankfully. Means I can breathe again.


Ahhhhhh I know why you are posting troll messages - you are jealous I am getting my 4th router.


- do you need someone to talk to? because TALK TALK is not one of those lines.


 I heard you can call these numbers below


Samaritans – for everyone
Call 116 123

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) – for men
Call 0800 58 58 58 – 5pm to midnight every day
Visit the webchat page


I hope this helps you to a road of recovery, please keep me upto date as I wish you a healthy recovery 🙂


Jealous, no way @sunnypurba , I have a lovely collection of fibre routers.


There are always newbies like you that get their facts in a twist, DLM resets by OCEs have not been possible in the months since you joined.


They can re-set ADSL lines but not fibre and from your posts you are obviously on a fibre connection.


Hope you have a nice weekend and Openreach eventually come to fix your service.