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Router DHCP configuration




i have just received the “WiFi hub super router”


I have a number of wired devices connected to this via a hub and to speed up all these TVs and music systems starting up I need to configure these to static IP addresses.


i have no issues in setting the static IP on my devices but I cannot set the initial dhcp reservation start address to what I need. ( I have found where to set it in the dhcp setup on the router)


The default dhcp reservation start address is .10 but if I change this to .20 it just says “invalid address” 


It’s got firmware SG4K10001400t which seems to date back to 2017 🤦‍♂️


I wonder if this can be updated and is the cause of my problem ? Or is there another way to set the dhcp reservation address. 


thanks in advance







First Timer

Hi Clive


I suspect that the router does not let you chnage the DHCP range if there's a DCHP-allocated address is use that is outside the new range.


So, try the following:


Set a static DHCP address for the device you are currently using within the new range

Save and Restart the router with all other devices disconnected

While the router is restarting run the following (assuming you are using Windows)

Using a Cmd prompt run as administrator:

   arp -d *

   ipconfig /release

   ipconfig /renew  (once the router has started)


Now set the new DHCP range.


If you set a static IP address on the actual device it can be either inside or outside the DHCP range, but if it's inside then you must also set it as a static DHCP address in the router too.






The router has a default reservation of


i personally think there is a bug in the router software as you can’t seem to change any of the parameters that you are supposed to. Once you press enter it says invalid address!


been searching the forum here and it looks like many others have the same problem - it would seem that the newer firmware fixed this problem.


Any idea how long it takes for the device to receive new firmware. 


Even if you enter the .10 address that it comeup with to start with it says error - see picture attached. 

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The router software is buggy and there is a more up-to-date version ending 2600t. Try a pinhole reset and leave it overnight to see if it updates, if not post again and the support team can sort that for you.


Fixed IP addresses on devices need to be entered on the devices themselves though, rather than the router.


Cheers. I will do a reset tonight and see if it gets an update. 


I an wondering if if I should just go and by the tp link deco m5 mesh system. 

Looks like you get great user / parent controls and really good coverage !

First Timer

You could also contact the helpdesk and ask them to schedule an update.


I have also had the invalid parameter issues but have been able to work round them - eventually.


As to the mesh solution, I haven't tried it.  I used my old router as a wifi repeater.  I have a wired connection between the two.  Set the slave one to a fixed IP address in the same subnet, e.g. and disable DHCP. Set it to the same SSID and passkey as the main one, but use a different channel number.  It works a treat.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi CliveBattisby


Apologies for the delay.


I can see that you router firmware has been updated to version 2600t.


How have you found the connection since your last post?






No problem. 


When end I checked this morning at 0650 😭😭 it was showing the old firmware. - see attached photo. 



 I will check at home tonight when I get back from work. 





i have put the new router in and the firmware is still showing as old again. 

I will leave it plugged in. 


Can you see if this is updated. 



Community Team - TT Staff

Hi CliveBattisby


Thanks for your reply.


I've checked and the firmware is showing version 2600t. Could you try factory resetting the router using the pin hole reset for ten seconds and then check this again?






Since I got a new router the problem has now been resolved with the latest firmware. Dhcp starting address can now be changed ok. 


So all good 👍


Thank you all. 




Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Clive


That's great, thanks for keeping us updated 🙂