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Router Firmware Update Needed?


Since upgrading to fibre probably over a year ago now at least, the line stability seems to have suffered with regular dropouts that are be becoming more frequent. Have had the problem flagged with TalkTalk for ages now but as per my last call with them they said they couldn’t help me any further with it, as my TT Super router needed an firmware upgrade that could only be done from a pc / laptop.

As I do not any of these devices, only an iPad at the moment, they said they were unable to proceed with the fix. However I’ve just been reading on another thread, that talktalk are able to push the update to the router, so is this possibly something, they could do in my case, getting really fed up with it now, always seems a bit lagging hesitant even browsing and page loading sluggish, seems worse than the old copper connection to be honest, even the landline quality can crackle a bit and has always suffered with intermittent echo on calls sometimes.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Jarmaine


I'm really sorry to hear this.


Is the noise on the line still present if you connect the phone at the test socket, with the router removed from the line?


I have also updated your router firmware.






Hi there, the line noise seems to be ok, the echo comes and goes occasionally, still getting random internet dropouts, latest was last night and problems this morning with my son’s Xbox.

I wonder if it’s anything do with the old BT 66 box and cable outside the house 



I just ran another live check, and it says that there is a problem with the network