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Router Problems and False advertising.

Team Player

I was due to leave in mid feb, but got 19.95 deal signing up online to the new faster fibre deal of 40Mbs - I also was supposed to get half price speed boost p/m of £2.50 but soon as i signed up this was increased to £5 per month, and even though i was also supposed to get the newest upgraded router included, i was also told this would not be sent as i was an existing customer.


I have been having problems with the dlink originally recieved when signing up a year ago, then was sent a HG633 , still some problems, even though i keep contacting Tech services, they still seem to be reluctant to provide or want to retain existing customers by ensuring we are satisfied with the service as much as trying to gain new customers and throwing eerything at them.



2019-02-10 (1)_LI.jpg2019-02-10.png2019-02-12.pngAlthough i am on Faster Fibre with a £5 speed boost, my speed are still way less than the guaranteed minimum speeds i was supposed to get, and i was tricked into paying more for this than advertised and bumped out of a router i thought would have been sent as part of renewing my contract to replace the router i was having issues with... Now i have a new 18 month contract totalling £24.95 for minimum speeds of 65Mbps with an estimated normal speed between 72-78Mbps advertised on signing up.

Community Team

Hi Johnross000


Thanks for your post, sorry that you are unhappy. 


Ive added the discount for the speed boost. 


In relation to the speeds your line is currently going through stabilization where the speeds will fluctuate for around 14 days ending on the 16th Feb, if the speed remain low after this date we can start investigating. At this time line tests are not showing any issues on the line. 


Continue to monitor and let us know. 

Team Player

Thanks I had the email regarding this a short time ago and was confused but delighted that this has been applied to the account.


My biggest concern was the router problems and the speeds, i was hoping that i could get the newish router to see if this improves this and also the wifi connection to the front door camera as it disconnects from this most of the time, amongst connectivity dropping out and resetting the connection every few days. Also the router is plugged into the only master socket and there arent any other places to plug in an extender or rewire the router closer as it an upper property with a front door located at side of the property (my own front door)


Thanks in any case for the discount on the speed boost, really appreciate this as online chat team were not helpful in trying to apply this when i enquired about it originally, saying there was nothing they can do.


Appreciated @OCE_Arne