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Router not arrived

First Timer

I decided to leave TalkTalk to upgrade from 'standard' to superfast broadband, and also because their customer service is amongst the worst I've ever experienced. It's impossible to contact anyone when things need fixing. Having switched, I then received a call from a TalkTalk inviting me to stay, with a much reduced cost package for superfast broadband. Against my instinct, I agreed. What a mistake! I was told my new router would be delivered a few days before the switch date of 23rd April. I'm still waiting, and my broadband has stopped working. How do I resolve this when I cannot make contact with anyone at TalkTalk? Answers on a postcard to..

Insightful One
If your still in the cool off period you could try cancelling TalkTalk and switching provider, but given the current circumstances that is almost easier said than done.

You say your broadband has stopped working. Have you tried 1) turning your current router off and back on or if that didn't work; 2) doing a factory reset. If after this your broadband isn't working it could be that your router is not fibre compatible, although most recent talktalk routers are, or the service is faulty. In either case you will have to wait for someone from talktalk vto get back to you.
First Timer

Thanks for your advice. I've tried turning off/on but that did not solve the problem. The router is quite old and TalkTalk advised that the replacement router would be required to get the benefits of higher speeds. They did not say it would not work! No response from TalkTalk, predictably.



Community Team - TT Staff

Hi ClareTravers


I'm really sorry for the delay.


I can see that a router has been ordered. Please let us know if you haven't received this within the next 48hrs.