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Sagemcom FAST 5364 Router buglist

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Given the apparent edict that all user reports must be on a new thread, here's my list of bugs for the Sagemcom FAST 5364 Router.


For those who will see TL;DR, the summary is: Not fit for purpose. Should never have been released to paying customers at this state of development. I'd say it's about an alpha release.


I've added a few comments for the latest firmware release.


Contrary to the forum edict, please feel free to add your own observations, so maybe we can collate all the bugs in one place, making it very prominent to TalkTalk how poor their device is, and how widespread the dissatisfaction is.


Doesn't show ISP login details
so I can't transfer them to my own, proper router


Doesn't give a list of all devices it has had connected
only gives list of devices it thinks are currently connected & powered
and that often misses devices that are active


Doesn't reliably show list of connected devices
some WiFi devices actively in use are not shown


Doesn't show devices with static IP connected via a WiFi to Ethernet extender
even though they are accessing LAN and WAN perfectly well


Won't remember 'friendly name' and type of device
keeps reverting to MAC address and 'Miscellaneous' (sometimes within minutes)
returns an error when setting some names


Icon for 'Audio & Video' device is white on a white background...


Got confused between two entirely different devices (with different MAC addresses)
said that Moto Defy was up and at an IP address
when it was, in fact, turned off and in a metal filing cabinet
it was reporting signal strength information of my MotoE2, with a different MAC and IP address


Can't set infinite lease DHCP
devices change IP each time they connect
big pain in the butt for NAS devices, or anything that needs port forwarding


Doesn't respect devices requesting (non-conflicting, manually-assigned) static IP address
changes them back to DHCP


Can't easily create named port forwarding rules and associate/dissociate them with devices


Can't create rules using lists of ports, only ranges
I want to create a rule with two ports: 9080 & 9443
lets you add port forwarding rules that don't actually work
9443 works
9080 doesn't work


When DHCP changes IP address of device, port forwarding rules remain on the old IP address
port forward rules should follow the MAC address, not the IP address
MAC address identifies the device you want to send data to, IP is a means of getting it there


Can't find a simple router up time record
ah, it's obscured on mobile viewport


Logs have 93 pages after 4 days
no way to export them
no way to advance to page n
no way to filter by date


WiFi signal strength is reported as 'dBM'; it should be 'dBm' (dB relative to 1mW)


All in all, it's a bit rubbish, really.
I develop stuff like this, and have done for 35 years. I'd be ashamed if I released something as poor as this as a prototype, never mind a production device, rolled out to hundreds of thousands of users.

TalkTalk should be ashamed of themselves. This thing is not fit for purpose.

version SG4K10001E00t
Haven't bothered trying 'reserve IP address', as I have set all my devices to Static...


Doesn't have NAS or Network Storage as a device type Icon

audio/video device icon is now visible, not being white on a white background - well done; that's a major achievement (not)


After power loss, router didn't come up properly
wired router working
wifi router not active
internet access not active
power cycle didn't fix
reset restored factory settings, and wifi and internet access


Factory settings has UPnP port forwarding control enabled, even though it warns that this is a security risk
restore configuration didn't restore port forwarding settings


Still not showing all devices actively connected (even when powered, and actively passing traffic)


Still not showing devices that have been connected, but are powered off


Still using IP address for port forwarding rules, rather than MAC address


...some time later...
2g4 wifi network disappeared
5g0 network visible
toggled 2g4 network, restored access


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I have brought all of these to the developers. Port forwarding works perfectly, all you have to do in your case is create two rules, one for each port.

I am not employed by TalkTalk, I'm just a customer. If my post has fixed the issue, please mark it as the Best Answer.
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