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Scam calls with up to date information

Super Duper Contributor

I, like many others are getting scam calls from supposedly Talktalk that have now increased to the rate of 10+ a week.

What concerns me more is the callers are up to date with my ongoing problem.

They are telling me that I am having problems with web pages loading etc etc (a problem that is ongoing with Talktalk) and they want to reset my router or some other work that is all related to that problem. Even more concerning is my router has been reset without my knowledge as I changed my WiFi password and it has now reverted back to the default one. I have not followed any instructions from these alleged scammers but cannot be sure, despite asking the question, if they have got access to my router or someone in the CEO office has reset it without my knowledge.

I have even told the callers I have set up a password with TT and asked them to quote it. One caller hung up the other quoted part of my surname plus some numbers-nice try!!!

They were able to give me my account number and when I told them it was the old account number, as I had left Talktalk and gone to BT and then come back to Talktalk with a new account number. They told me that was not correct as I am still registered with that account number.

I am blocking the calls every time but they just ring back from another number, my display shows any UK area code followed by a six digit STD number

I was thinking of asking about setting up a password but if they are in possession of the details of my ongoing concern wont be long before they would have the password. Somewhere within the Talktalk organisation there is a massive security breach still/or again !!!

It is now difficult for me to know if any call is genuine or not, the only thing the scammers dont seem to know about me is my inside leg measurement.

Beside blocking & reporting the number what else can I do?


Community Star

Hi Peter your post has been flagged for assistance and you should hear during tomorrow. My suggestion is to implement Callsafe a free service which works brilliantly for me.

How do I manage nuisance calls? 

I don't work here and all my opinions are my own.
Community Team - TT Staff

Hi peterp1


I'm really sorry to hear this.


I would advise reporting these calls using Check and Report and also using How to use CallSafe


This is our guide to using CallSafe, which is our free security feature that helps to keep unwanted callers at bay. To learn more about this service take a look at our About CallSafe article.







Super Duper Contributor
Thanks for the info Debbie.
I can deal with the calls in general despite it being a pain. Call safe is OK but almost as much of a pain to use as it is to "have fun" with the scammers
My concern is that the scammers are fully aware of my current on going problem (that you initially assisted with) and because of the information they have I cannot be sure if they are genuine or not so I treat them all as scam calls and hope that if they are from TT they will contact me by another method, mobile or e mail.
I question how did the scammers know the details of the problem I was/am having?
My other concern was the reset of my router, did the scammers get into it or did someone in the OCE's office reset it without telling me?
I have e mailed the person in the OCE's office who is dealing with my concern regarding the reset and have heard nothing back, dont know if you could get an answer for me. I know it has been reset as the wireless password has reverted back to it's default. TBH this annoyed me as my phone & laptops suddenly wouldn't connect at a most inconvenient time and it took me some time to realise the reason. I wouldn't have minded if I had been informed, that said if it was indeed TT who reset it.
Regards Peter
Community Team - TT Staff



The only way the wifi password would revert back to default is from a factory reset, It looks like our CEO office did this remotely on the 16th im presuming as part of your complaint. 


Sorry for the inconvenience caused

Super Duper Contributor

Thanks Arne for the confirmation of the reset by the CEO's office. Thats one worry off my mind.

Doesn't answer how the scammers are so "up to date" on my broadband issues unless there is a leak within TT or they are cruising this forum and can connect the people on here with their accounts.

Whizz Kid

Sorry if I am butting in here, please put it to a new thread if you wish.

I am concerned by OCE_Arne's last comment about TT being able to reset routers remotely.

If TT can do it then what is there to prevent bad people doing it?

Super Duper Contributor

jaspertat I think I am right in saying all providers can remotely connect to your router (if it is one provided by them).

I know from going into all my TT routers and looking around there is a section that shows there is a  username & password for TT to use for access.

I think, and are open to correction, that this is the norm, I also think that if it is not a router provided by your ISP the manufacturer has the same facility. It is only there for diagnostic purposes.

That is one of the reasons I alter my WiFi password so as I can tell if anyone has done a reset without my knowledge, as happened in my case. I caught a "mr know it all" engineer out recently when he denied resetting my router in the course of his diagnostics when my password reverted to the default one.

Whizz Kid

You think all routers have a backdoor? Hell, if that is the case what is the point of me changing the default pw? I'll try and ask the question on other forums.

Super Duper Contributor
There are 3 different passwords 1) for your access to the router 2) for your access to WiFi & 3)for your ISP or manufacturer to connect into your router.
There are 2 different usernames 1) for your access to the router & 2) for your ISP or manufacturer to connect into your router.
I think the above is correct but am open to correction.
Insightful One

ISPs use the TR069 protocol to update router firmware, some may consider this a backdoor, which exists specifically for the remote updating of routers and is separate from the standard login mechanism.  Most routers allow you to disable TR069, thus stopping remote updates, although ISPs, not just TalkTalk, sometimes don't allow you to disable TR069 on the routers the supply.  The reason for this is so they can ensure their users have the latest firmware thus, hopefully, reducing performance, security, and support issues for their users 

Super Duper Contributor
Learn something new everyday Birchcroft with the above info and Google.
Thanks for that found it interesting.
Whizz Kid

Thanks for the info.

Insightful One
No problem