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Need help?

Service breaks and now running at half speed


We had fibre installed one month ago  – with consistent speeds of 25MBps. On Saturday, we had multiple cuts in service — things have improved but speeds are consistently slow at around 11MBps. This is a wired connection, the router has been restarted etc.



The TalkTalk speed test announces "Your broadband connection could be improved". Ya don't say.


Seeking answers and a fix please.

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Hi @Simon60,


Have you tried switching the router off for over 30 minutes, then when you switch it back on it will start a new 'session' in the street cabinet, this can sometimes help it reconnect at a better speed.


If the faults have caused DLM to reduce your speed then if your connection is now stable again it should start to increase your speed over the course of a week or so.


The TalkTalk staff on this community will also be able to help, they will hopefully be able to respond to this post within a working day or two.


Thank you so much for your insights.


Yes, I have already turned the router off for well over 30 minutes — but I didn't know at the time why that would help, so I particularly appreciate your clear explanation.


Speeds have been down to literally unusable today at times — the TalkTalk speed test is now showing 18mbps at the router, well below expected/promised speed. It has been been very wet outside; I don't know if that has added to whatever the technical issues are.


Thank you again.


UPDATE: I managed to get through to the virtual assistant on the phone 0345 172 0088  and have swiftly received a text message in response that TalkTalk has identified a fault and is sending an Openreach engineer – who will need access to my home.


So, on the basis of this single experience, I recommend this course of action to anyone struggling with faltering broadband and zero response so far in this forum from TalkTalk

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Simon60


I'm sorry for the delay.


Has this fault now been resolved?






Thanks Debbie.


Hard to say. The engineer was excellent, sourcing the fault to a poor connection in a junction box a few hundred metres away, and then visiting and checking everything here inside and in the service boxes outside≥


Things were mostly good afterwards and then terrible this morning. In the end, I had to restart the router briefly — which worked but then the service has cut out more than 10 times since. I hope it's just settling down.


And, indeed, I wasn't able to send this message because the red internet light came on once again for a minute.


Is this normal?

Is this acceptable?




This is really crappy.


Another day, another consistent breaking of service. Today I'm trying to download the new MacOS. Seven times, seven fails in the internet. Router says no: no light, then red light, and then we're back. And repeat.


Anyone got any ideas? Please.

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Staff reply Monday to Friday on the forum,  @Simon60.


Chat is available from links on this page:

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Try a pinhole reset of the router just in case it is holding on to any errors from the disconnections. 

Thanks. I got through on the phone with an operator ... in South Africa; working from home and her family having a party in the background so I could hardly hear her. We went through all levels of security and umpteen tests, and then she said her system wasn't working and to call back after 6pm. So I did, which is when I learn it closes at 6pm.
Is there a human/bot chat function? I've never found it.
And thank you ferguson. Pinhole reset did not help, unfortunately.

And Gliwmaeden2, my comment about the chat function: I click it, and have been clicking it for days, and absolutely nothing happens. Is this a browser issue (Chrome on a Mac)?

Thanks again. My neighbour has kindly lent me her WiFi so I can download a large file — it's this process that 'breaks' the internet each time on my router.
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@Simon60 are pop up blockers disabled?


If Chat is available, it should show a blue background when it is live.


If it's purple, it's just very busy, but still live.


It's only totally inactive when it's grey and clearly says so. 


So check all the usual suspects for what might be blocking it.


If it's still no use, best to wait for staff to get back to this when they return, and not post again till you hear from them, to keep your thread further forward in the queue. There tends to be a backlog after the weekend and they will be working from oldest to newest posts. 


Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Simon60


I'm really sorry for the delay.


Would you like me to send a different make and model of router to see how the connection compares?