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Slow broadband speed due to noisy line

Community Team

Hi CaptJohn,


Glad to hear your speed has improved. The line management system (DLM) lowers the speed if the number of disconnections and/or errors fall outside predefined limits for a set period of time so it will be either disconnections or errors (or both) that caused DLM to reduce your speed


Team Player

Thanks Chris

So the new router I was sent did not resolve the problem. It looks as though there was nothing wrong with the existing router.

I can either send back the old one or the new one. It's up to you.

If this problem happens again (and I believe it was caused by noisy contacts on the BT master Socket) how can I avoid the usual response from TalkTalk which begins with asking me if I switch the router off and on regularly (which I don't) and then sending me a new router (which doesn't fix the problem). The next stage is time wasting which asks me to wait 48 hours (which doesn't resolve the problem) then wait another 48 hours (which also doesn't resolve the problem).

All this is happening when I communicate via "Chat".

When I contacted "Community" I got a much better response from yourself.

Community Team

If it happens again you can just deal with us if you prefer rather than going through chat


Unfortunately we do have to go through some diagnostics initially even if the issue appears to be the same as before, we can't just assume that it's the same issue.


It really up to you which router you send back, it doesn't really matter to us 🙂