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Slow broadband speed

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I was wondering if I have the latest router firmware - I have a Wifi Hub and installed firmware is SG4K10002600t.


I know that 2800t was being tested a few months back, and was wondering if it had been released yet? If it has, please could you force it through to my router. Thank you.


The reason I ask is that I have been experiencing a big drop in download speed on wi fi for the last few weeks (12 meg from 38 previously). Openreach have been out to the house and everything fine on the line, so trying to eliminate things.


If there are any other checks you could perform in the background as well, that would be great.



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You are running the latest software, the newer firmware is still being tested & cannot yet be pushed to your router. The firmware will not address your slow speed anyway.


Please can you get me a copy of the xDSL statistics by logging into the hub & going to:-


Dashboard > See internet settings > Manage advanced settings > TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub > Device Info > General


These speed tests you say are over Wi-Fi, how do wired (Ethernet) connections compare?

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Hi Theambler 


Apologies for the delay.


You have the latest firmware version for the Wifi Hub. New firmware is currently in testing and as soon as this has been fully tested then it will be rolled out to all Wifi Hubs. 


I can see that Keith has posted on your thread. Keith provides really good advice on improving wireless performance.