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Slow internet connections

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 I have been having some internet and telephone landline lately. A few weks ago i have been in touch with TT technical help line and said tha twhen someone calls and i use itnernet it gets cut off. one day i couldnt reconnect ot internet, so i had to restart everything, reset the router, and unplugged cables and switched off router and leav eit ovenright. i then was able to get back to the nternet next day... then it was a bit slow.  


A few days later.. my service centre displays that i have been having internet stability issues with my landline, and my fibre broadband speeds too have dropped abit. After i got intouch with twitter team, they sent me a new router to see if it helps with the slow internet connection problems. No change in the service centre. However, went back to talk to  a member of the tehcnical help team, they ran a test and found fault on the line. 



I was wondering would it be possible if they can re run the line again to make sure if it is a fault on the line?

Sometimes a meber of my fmaily using the internet to whatsapp other people and go on the tablet... then i try going on the itnernet sometimes my internet web page swont load. I ve tried using the mastersocket and eveything to run the test. No luck. For some reaosns my current old broadband router sagecom was better speed then my new router. Am not sure whether to use my router then the ne wone to see if theres a change? They said no rotuer was needed and they sent an engineer was booked for 1 june 2020 between 1pm-6pm for a look on the line to see on the home wiring issue. 


I need someone to help me run the line test if there is a potential fault which explains internet issues are slower loading webpages, cannot broswe and call at the same time,etc. 



Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Edward27


I'm really sorry to hear this.


I've completed 2 different line tests which haven't detected any faults - line test is clear.


Do you still have your previous router?